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Privacy Policy

At Advantage Moulding, Inc., we respect your concerns about privacy and value
the trust you have placed in us. This Privacy Notice describes the types
of personal information we collect, how we may use that information, and
with whom we may share it. Our Privacy Notice also describes the measures
we take to protect the security of the information. In addition, we describe
the choices you can make about how we use the information you provide to
us. We tell you how you can reach us to update your contact information,
remove your name from our mailing list, or answer any questions you may have
about our privacy practices.


What types of information does Advantage Moulding, Inc. collect and use
about me and how does Advantage Moulding, Inc. use the information?

We collect and use information about you to communicate with you about
our products, services and promotions. Here are the ways we obtain information
about you and the types of information we obtain. We also tell you how we use
the information.



When you request a catalog from us, you provide us with contact information,
such as your name, address, phone number and email address, so we may fulfill
your request.

When you subscribe to our email list, you provide us information such as your
email address, name and ZIP Code so we may communicate with you via email.
We will send you email only if you have provided us with your email address.



When you order or purchase an Advantage Moulding, Inc. product, you may
be required to give us contact and payment information (such as credit card
information) so we may process your order. When you pay for an Advantage Moulding,
Inc. product using a credit card, we use your credit card information only
to fulfill your order and for other internal purposes.


Customer Service

If you contact us, we may ask you for information such as your name, address
and email address so we can respond to your questions or comments. With your
consent, we may retain this information to personalize your experience with
us and better assist you the next time you contact us.



Many web surfers are concerned about their privacy and the use of ‘cookies’
on the Internet. Cookies are small files that can be used to store information
you have already provided. Cookies cannot be used to “steal” information
about you or your computer system.

The Advantage Moulding, Inc. web site uses cookies to remember your preferences.
For example, the web site may remember which Advantage Moulding, Inc. page
you view, in order to make your next visit more convenient.

Nevertheless, if you don’t like having any cookies at all they can be disabled
in your web browser’s Internet Options.

Other information you provide to us through surveys, you may provide us with
information such as product preferences, reasons for purchasing a product,
family and lifestyle information to help us learn more about your shopping
preferences. You also may provide such information when you fill out a warranty
card about a product you purchased from Advantage Moulding, Inc. In addition,
you may give us such information if you register for or redeem Advantage Moulding,
Inc. special offers, discount coupons or other promotions.


Does Advantage Moulding, Inc. share the information it obtains about me
with third parties?

Advantage Moulding, Inc. does not share personal information about its consumers
with any third parties outside of Advantage Moulding, Inc. for their own marketing
purposes. However, we may do so within the Advantage Moulding, Inc. corporate
family. We do share this information with service providers we have retained
to perform services on our behalf, but these service providers are not authorized
by us to use or disclose the information except as necessary to perform services
on our behalf or to comply with legal requirements. We also may disclose information
about you as required by law.

We reserve the right to transfer any information we have about you in the event
we sell or transfer all or a portion of our business or assets. If the business
is transferred, we will provide you with the opportunity to tell us that you
would prefer that information about you not be transferred. Should such a transfer
occur, we would use reasonable efforts to try to ensure that the transferee
uses personal information about you in a manner that is consistent with this
Privacy Notice.


How does Advantage Moulding, Inc. protect personal information?

The security of personal information is a high priority for us. We maintain
administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect against unauthorized
disclosure, use, alteration and destruction of the personal information in
our possession. We are committed to providing appropriate security controls
to protect personal information we have about you against foreseeable hazards.


How does Advantage Moulding, Inc. update its Privacy Notice?

Advantage Moulding, Inc. services and promotions may change over time. This
Privacy Notice will be updated periodically to reflect those changes and
corresponding changes in our information practices. Whenever we revise this
Privacy Notice, we will change the date on the notice to indicate when the
revisions were made. We reserve the right to change our information practices
and the terms of this Privacy Notice, and to apply the changed practices
to all information we have about you. By using this web site, you agree to
accept the terms of this Privacy Notice as stated at the time you use it.
Any future access to this web site subsequent to the posting of a revised
Privacy Notice will be deemed to be your acceptance of this Privacy Notice
as then revised. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Notice at any


Does the Advantage Moulding, Inc. website contain links to other websites?

The Advantage Moulding, Inc. website may contain links to other websites that
operate independently of Advantage Moulding, Inc. and are not under our control.
We provide links to other websites solely for your convenience and information.
Other websites may have their own privacy notices, which we suggest you review
if you visit any linked websites. Advantage Moulding, Inc. is not responsible
for information that is provided by, or collected through, those websites
or for any other use of those websites.


What if I prefer not to receive communications from Advantage Moulding,

If you prefer not to receive product information or promotions from us, please
contact us using one of the options provided below.


How can I contact Advantage Moulding, Inc.?

If you would like us to update your contact information or remove your name
from our mailing list, or if have any questions about Advantage Moulding,
Inc.’s privacy practices or about your personal information, please contact
us here or call 800.957.WOOD


Or write us at:

Advantage Moulding, Inc.

Attention: Privacy Notice

PO Box 6657

Huntington Beach, CA 92615
We will respond to your inquiry or investigate your concern as quickly as

© Advantage Moulding, Inc. All Rights Reserved.



We are committed to your satisfaction. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied
with any of our products, please return it as it was shipped and we will
offer a replacement or credit. See “Terms” for complete details.




All mouldings shown are stock mouldings with few exceptions. Non-stock items
may take up to 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Returns and Variances

We believe strongly that our materials and workmanship are among the best that
can be purchased. If you are not satisfied with your shipment from Advantage
Moulding, Inc., we agree to allow return of all material and refund 100% of
the invoice amount.**


**All claims on products and services must be reported within 5 days of receipt.
Material must be held intact for inspection. All returns must be approved in
advance by Advantage Moulding, Inc. with quality defects and will be replaced
at no charge to the Buyer. Material that is not in its original delivered condition
(i.e. painted, cut, left out in weather, damaged) will not be accepted for
a return credit.


On materials returned for reasons other than quality, a minimum 20% restocking
charge will be discounted off the credit when issued. Any material cut or modified
in any way is deemed accepted by the buyer and no credit or return is allowed.
Seller accepts no responsibility for labor or other loss experienced by the
Buyer because of the use of Seller’s products.



Images on the Advantage Moulding, Inc. website and catalogs are not necessarily
full size. Actual size and profiles may vary slightly from illustrations
and dimensions. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to make him/her aware
of the above-mentioned General Conditions of Sale.




  • Store inside of Jobsite off floor to keep dry.
  • Run heater or air conditioner
    to dehumidify job prior to and during moulding installation and finishing
    (remember, concrete slabs and sheetrock mud all
    add moisture to jobsite)
  • Allow mouldings to acclimate for 3-5 days with low
    heat or air on.
  • Adequate blocking is needed to attach crowns to ceilings,
    wide casing to walls…
  • During installation, nail mouldings securely to studs
    and glue mitered corners. Adhesives can be used where mouldings lay on walls.
    Miters can receive
    type joinery.
  • Central Humidification Systems are highly recommended when extensive
    is being installed.



We are glad to work with our customers on items that are nonstandard. An advance
deposit of 50% of the estimated invoice is required on such orders. Accurate
Buyer approved drawings are required before work will begin on custom patterns.
Please note that up to 10% overruns are normal and typical. Please figure
and anticipate overage.